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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Our Coaching Story

Dr Nivedita Verma is one of the founders of DIM who has mentored students from all around the country to get admissions in top design colleges of India and abroad. Dr Nivedita holds a diploma in Fine arts. 

Her experience in running a Fine Arts School successfully, and guiding hundreds of students on how to approach design problems and get into good design colleges makes her a mentor we all wish for in our early career years.

At DIM, we foster young minds to step out of their comfort zones, explore, and ignite their sparks to be more curious, and hence learn more.

We believe that every student is unique. Each of them have their unique strengths and flaws, which we aim to nurture and refine, therefore individual attention and customized strategy for preparation is provided to each student. 

As an educator, we do not take the opportunity to educate and motivate our students for granted, we aim to provide each student with a healthy, risk-taking and collaborative environment. We want in our students, the qualities of a responsible designer as well as good soft skills including- communication, collaboration, leadership, and the ability to take criticism positively. We work on our student’s overall personality and skills to get their foundations and the concepts strong so that they get a positive head start in their design career which lies ahead. We make sure that when students walk into our institute, they feel warm, welcomed, relaxed, and feel free to communicate their needs, concerns, or just talk casually.

Dr. Nivedita believes in teaching from the heart and being a leader and a role model to our students so that they grow and mature to believe in their educational journey. No matter what obstacle or hurdle comes in their way, Dr. Nivedita aims to make a mark as a positive influence and guide her students to strive for the future they envision for themselves. 

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