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All About Designer In Making

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When you think of a good coaching centre, what comes to your mind? For us, A good coaching centre should:

  1. Analyze and give 1:1 attention to its students

  2. Understands the psychology of each student to deliver the content effectively and let them grasp and understand each concept in depth.

Designer in Making is an emerging design studio and coaching institute focused on customizing each concept according to the needs of our students and tracking their individual progress.

We want to bring the best out of our students and squeeze every worth of their time and money invested. Our mentors, who are also the founders of DIM, have themselves been through the phase of attempting design exams, getting into top colleges, and are now successful designers. With experience of working in the design industry for 8 years, we bring you the best mentors who know the processes - the skills and techniques that contribute to success.

Clearing a design exam is not a piece of cake. Each university has its own set of terms and its own set of paper structures. If you search the internet, you will find multiple people wanting to know the paper patterns and models of each design college. To induce design thinking in students, we make sure that our students don’t go after a simple and generic concept, rather mold their answers in a way that is unique, sustainable, and authentic – the one which shows the essence of a true designer and will make them stand out.

Designer In Making Offers various programs from which the students can pick according to their convenience and preference:

For Undergraduate, we offer:

  • 1 Year Program: This program is extensively for students in their 12th standard or students who have dropped a year to dedicatedly prepare for design exams.

  • 2 Year Program: Students who are in their 11th standard can opt for a 2-year program.

  • 3- and 4-year Program: Students in their 9th and 10th grades respectively can opt for this program. No coaching institute offers a program that is four years long, comprehensively focusing on design concepts, thinking, and aptitude skills. An advantage of enrolling in this program is that- the students get ample time to analyze themselves and gain confidence through a variety of concepts and design problems that they will be tackling.

For Post-Graduation, we offer:

  • 1- and 2- year programs: Depending on their year of graduation, students can pick a program that suits them the best.

Apart from our signature programs, we offer crash courses (For both- undergraduate and postgraduate) which will be structured and crafted according to our student needs.

When getting our students equipped with the necessary tools and strategies to clear the design exam, it is our responsibility to help them with their personality round as well, which includes their studio test and portfolio round.

  • Studio Test: Handling and working with materials is no walk in the park when it comes to designing and developing concepts. In the Studio test program, we familiarise our students with different media and materials while giving them various tips and tricks to work their way from the beginning to the end of the concept.

  • Portfolio Program: The last stage of a design exam is the portfolio round, where the student has to apply various concepts and most importantly, show their unique identity through design.

The portfolio program further includes two models. The students are free to pick the one that suits them the best:

  1. Portfolio Making: In this model, we help the students carve out creative ideas and concept development to produce good concepts to showcase in the portfolio.